Strongsville Lacrosse

Team Coaches

 High School
 George Muller (216) 310-2379
 8th Grade 
 Geoff Belz (330) 414-3732
 Tim Geary 
 Brad Kostka
 Pete Mitchell 
 Scott Schneider 
 Mark Thompson 
 7th Grade 
 Rick Suts 
 David Pate 
 6th Grade 
 Jason Gyure (216) 258-6440
 5th Grade 
 Todd Coyea (440) 879-6160
 Tim Geary 
 Vince Adams 
 4th Grade 
 Eric Wahl (216) 925-4500
 Rick Schulz 
 Tim Devine 
 3rd Grade  
 Tim Katrinak (216) 276-6721
 Garth Selong 
 Jim Crotty 
High School
Joe Bluemel(216) 533-0682

7th / 8th Grade
Scott Searles(440) 263-7268
Duane Funk(440) 343-4097
Garth Selong
(440) 570-6290

4th / 5th / 6th Grade
Betsy Drenski(440) 829-1817
Sandy Hagen


We are looking for volunteer coaches for the 2018 season who played High School and/or College lacrosse. Please contact Eric Wahl for more information. If your son or daughter has an interest in playing, contact the appropriate age coach. You can start playing at any age.


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