Girls Division

7-8th Grade


Our Program

Our 7-8th Grade program is designed to be a challenging and competitive. Participants will be tested and are expected to put in maximum effort. This program will continue to build on fundamental lacrosse skills, while incorporating more complex big picture concepts and will include highly competitive playing opportunities. Our goal is to provide an environment for each athlete to be challenged and continue develop their skills while preparing for high school level play.

Player Profile

I am a lacrosse player with experience and I am ready for the next level. I want to continue to learn the game and I really want to be challenged. I am committed to practicing 2-3 days a week and know that my playing time is dependent upon my attendance at practice. I would like to play at least 8- 10 games and tournaments. I know that I am expected to be at all games and tournaments and I am committed to being there. I want to play in high level, competitive tournaments, against some of the best teams in the area.